Tips to Increase Your Productivity at Work

Some days it feels like time flies by, and you find yourself working on all the tasks on your to-do list all at once. Other days, time stands still, and a simple task takes up a ton of your schedule. Low productivity can lead to boredom, overtime, discomfort, and possibly dismissal. To avoid or solve this problem, here are some tips to help increase your productivity at work.

1) Make a List of Priorities

The biggest stumbling block for most people is that they want to do too much in one day—the result: a long to-do list that only de-motivates you. If you prioritize your work, you will be much more productive. Choose three tasks that you MUST complete; the rest are optional. The advantage of this? You create more space, and you don’t have to fiddle with things anymore.

2) Start With the Most Tedious Task

Procrastination brings procrastination. Start the workday with your most tedious task and tell yourself that you only have to do that task for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you will be so focused that you will finish it right away. Plus, you get a lot more positive energy from all the fun tasks that still await you. This not only makes you work more productively but also more efficiently.

3) Plan Well

A good structure ensures that you work much more proficiently. At the end of the working day, try to plan the next day. This way, you will know exactly what tasks you have to perform. By making the plan at the end of the day, you can start working the next day productively. Besides, you also go home with a peace of mind, because you know exactly what you have to do the following day.

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4) Differentiate Between Work and Rest

When you spend your lunch break at your desk because you have something important to finish, you may think you’re sensible and productive. But it’s better to take a break and get away from your desk. For instance, you could have a stroll or grab a drink outside during the break. Getting out of your workplace creates peace of mind and leaves more room for creativity and productivity.

5) Drink Enough Water

Drinking water affects your productivity more than you think. Water reduces dehydration and expands the gray matter in your brain. Gray matter has the function of processing information, so it is a vital substance at work. Research shows that drinking water improves productivity by up to 14%. So how much water to drink? Men are advised to drink 13 glasses of water and women 9 glasses to experience optimal productivity each day.

6) Find Out When You Are Most Focused

Everyone has a part of the day when they work best. For some, it’s early in the morning; for others, it’s in the afternoon. When do you move mountains of work? If you keep track of what you do and during a week, you will find your peak time.

7) Work in Time Slots

No one is productive for 8 hours at a time. That’s why it’s essential to clear your head between tasks. A suitable method is to work with a timer. For example, focus on one task for 50 minutes and don’t get distracted. Then you can do something for yourself for 10 minutes as a reward. Think about going to get a cup of coffee, checking your Instagram, or quickly ordering that business book.

What are other ways you employ to increase your productivity at work? Share it with us in the comments below!