11 Benefits of Music

Music is magic. A good melody can propel us from our seat to the dance floor or help us relax and rejuvenate. A particular song can take us back to the past and tap into our deep emotions or make us dream. Music is not only fun to listen to. It provides many benefits to our mood and our health as well. Whether as stress relief or in the development of cognitive capacities, here are a few ways music can be beneficial.

1) A Source of Pleasure

Music can convey positive emotions. It provides a feeling of pleasure by acting on the reward system, thanks to the dopaminergic neurons (the main source of dopamine), which release dopamine ( a hormone that plays a role in how we feel pleasure). For instance, listening to music in the car has positive effects on the mood of drivers.

2) Say Goodbye to Stress!

Constant tiredness, knotted stomach, irritability, you have the symptoms of a stressed person. What if a piece of music could make your worries go away? A study of anxious patients undergoing surgery has shown that listening to instrumental tunes or songs can be more effective than anxiolytics in reducing their anxiety.

3) Hello Motivation!

For all those who are never motivated enough for sports, listening to your favorite music can be particularly productive! In fact, in a British study, participants were asked to walk on a training mat for as long as possible until they were exhausted. People who could listen to musical tunes during the exercise proved to be more enduring!

Did you know? During most official sports competitions, athletes are not allowed to listen to music, which is considered to be an aid. Proof that music can bring a real boost of energy!

4) A Sound to Remember

If a tune can bring you back to a moment in your past, it is because music stimulates auditory memory and promotes learning through sound. The positive effects of music on learning and memory are such that a music therapy program is specifically dedicated to patients suffering from neurological diseases. The musical atmosphere is a real stimulation for the human brain!

5) Music to Boost Creativity

Do you lack inspiration? Music can help! People who listen to music at work finish their tasks in a jiffy and more creatively. Scientists advise avoiding a particular musical style: pop or songs with lyrics that would somewhat hinder concentration. Hence, opt for a safe bet: classical music or background music. You can, therefore, let yourself be guided by your emotions and let go. In dance, painting, or theater, music can have a positive effect on your creativity and enhance your talent!

6) Helps With Sleep

Music can become your best ally to help you sleep. It allows you to calm down and gradually enter a phase of calm, conducive to sleep. It is with this factor in mind that parents make babies and children listen to lullabies! The only condition is listening to soft music (classical, background, relaxation music, for example). With overly rhythmic music, your brain will perceive the opposite signal, and you may remain awake.

7) Improves Quality of Life

 Listening to music, singing, or playing an instrument helps improve quality of life. For instance, among other things, that the practice of choral singing can help, after one year, a reduction in the number of falls in people aged 65 and over, a decrease in the number of visits to the doctor, and the use of medication has been noted.

8) Helps Relieve Pain

As surprising as it may seem, music has therapeutic properties. It is used in certain medical specialties to soothe patients. Music helps patients to stay calm before an operation, for example. Moreover, studies even show that patients with chronic pain experience less discomfort if they listen to music for an hour a day.

9) Encourages Open-Mindedness

 Learning or listening to various music styles allows you to discover other cultures and, therefore, broaden your horizons and your vision of things. We all have our preferences, but our tastes in music also change according to age, experiences, experiences

10) Cardiovascular Virtues

 When listening to music, breathing and heart rate are increased. For instance, soft music helps reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and therefore reduces the risk of heart problems.

11) Allows You to Be in Your Own World

Music allows us to immerse ourselves in our own little world for more imagination and dreams. If you need to take a break and cut off from your hectic daily activities, plug in your earphones, and listen to some good music!

So, are you convinced of the great benefits brought by music to each of your days?

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