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Beards are back in fashion. To keep it clean and soft, it needs regular maintenance and trimming. Care, oils, cutting, dyeing: this article guides you through the steps to take good care of your beard. 


    – Beard oil: what does it contain?

    – What are the benefits of beard oil?

    – Beard oil: how to choose it?

    – How to use beard oil?

    – Beard oil: what budget should I spend on it?

Just like hair, the beard needs to be taken care of. Beard oil remains the best ally for a healthy beard to maintain, nourish and promote its balanced growth.

Beard oil: what does it contain?

Beard oil is intended to be applied and take care of the beard every day; it is composed of:

    – one or more vegetable oils such as argan oil, jojoba, almond, olive. It is this vegetable oil that makes up 80% of the beard oil and should be chosen according to the effect you expect;

    – a few drops of essential oils are diluted in the vegetable oil to perfume the beard oil.

Good to know: it is thus recommended to choose a beard oil according to the benefits of the vegetable oil which composes it.

What are the benefits of beard oil?

Beard Care

Thanks to the different ingredients present in beard oil, you can use it to:

    – moisturize the beard hair;

    – facilitate and stimulate the growth of the beard;

    – perfume the beard;

    – treat the beard in case of dandruff, hair loss, dehydration of the fibers…

Good to know: in the longest beards, it is also recommended to brush and comb the beard every day.

Beard oil: how to choose it?

Beard Oil

To nourish the beard in-depth, you can turn to a beard oil containing oil:

    – coconut oil for resistant beard hair;

    – almond oil for itchy and dry skin;

    – jojoba oil for deep moisturizing of the beard;

    – safflower for the driest of facial skin;

    – olive oil to repair and moisturize the beard;

    – grape seed to treat acne on the skin;

    – argan oil to bring softness to the beard hair.

The essential oils that complete the beard oil can be chosen according to your tastes and preferences.

Good to know: because of their high concentration, essential oils are not recommended for people with epilepsy. In case of doubt, it is recommended to ask a health professional for advice.

How to use beard oil?

Beard Care

It is necessary to apply beard oil in the morning or evening after cleansing the face or taking a shower to let it be well absorbed. For greater efficiency, you must use beard oil:

    – every day;

    – on a dry and clean beard;

    – by hand and massaged concentrically or in the direction of hair growth.

Good to know: due to essential oils, it is recommended to apply beard oil only on the hairs without contact with the skin.

Beard oil: what is the budget for it?

More and more widespread, beard oils are now available in many stores. It is thus possible to get some:

    – in barbershops;

    – in stores specializing in the sale of accessories and products for beard care;

    – in perfumeries;

    – in some parapharmacies;

    – on the Internet.

One good reference of a product which I use myself is 

BarberClub Long Beard & Skin Oil.

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 – Step 1: Clean your beard with shampoo

 – Step 2: Scrub your face

 – Step 3: Brush or comb your beard

 – Step 4: Nourish your beard and moisturize your skin

 – Step 5: Trim your beard


Wearing a beard is back in style, especially with the hipster movement. You’ve got an overloaded schedule and no time to go to the barber, but a shaggy beard is out of the question. To keep it clean and soft, it needs regular maintenance. Discover all the steps to take good care of your beard like a gentleman!

 1. Clean your beard with shampoo

 The first step in caring for your beard is to shampoo it. To do this, use a mild shampoo or a special beard shampoo.

 – On wet skin, under the shower, apply a dab of shampoo on the beard.

 – Massage with your fingertips to lather and reach the skin under the beard.

 – Rinse the beard thoroughly with the shower to remove all traces of shampoo.

 – Pat the beard dry with a clean, dry towel.

 Good to know: it is recommended to shampoo your beard 2 to 3 times a week.

 2. Scrub your face

 It is recommended to exfoliate your face once a week. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs on shaved areas of the face.

 – Warm a little scrub in your hands.

 – Spread the product over the entire face, including the beard.

 – Use circular motions with your fingertips. Press firmly against the beard to reach the skin underneath.

 – Rinse thoroughly with clean water. You can use the shower’s jet to remove grains stuck in the beard’s hairs.

 – Dry your skin and beard thoroughly with a dry towel.

 3. Brush or comb your beard

It’s essential to brush your beard every morning to keep it tidy. 

 – It is best to use a horn comb, which has keratin-like hair. Plastic combs tend to create static electricity, and the hairs can become unstable. You can also use a boar bristle brush.

 – Comb your beard every morning, at least in the direction of the hair.

 Necessary: never brush wet hairs. They may break because they are more fragile.


 Good to know: when the beard hairs are long enough, brushing them helps hide any holes thanks to the hairs on top.

 4. Nourish your beard and moisturize your skin

Beard Care

 Taking care of your beard also means taking care of your skin. After cleaning and possibly exfoliating, apply a moisturizing product to protect your skin and nourish your beard.

 For short beards (three-day beards)

 – Apply a moisturizing balm all over the face.

 – Massage the beard well to avoid cream residue.

 For long beards

 – Apply a moisturizing balm to the skin: forehead, nose, cheekbones, neck.

 – Apply beard oil to the beard. Massage thoroughly to coat all hairs and reach the skin underneath.

 5. Even out your beard

 Not all hairs grow at the same rate. It is therefore essential to trim your beard once a week.

 It is best to use a trimmer to maintain your beard. You can also use scissors, but they are more challenging to handle.

The subsequent publication will cover:

  • Beard care
  • Maintaining your beard
  • Beard oil
  • Beard trimming
  • Trimming your beard
  • Trimming a mustache
  • Beard Dye
  • Beard Dye
  • Dyeing your beard

Unless you want somebody else to do it for you, you will have to go to a pro barber. Have a nice day, gentleman, and remember to share your comments below.

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