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Started as an American phenomenon during the late 20th century, public relations is the strategic practice of disseminating information to the public to build a connection, engage them and influence their attitude and perception.

Standing as a cornerstone in the society, public relations is now an emerging profession, with professionalism an important goal for all who work in the field.

However, to achieve success in the modern world of PR, there are certain essential characteristics that PR practitioners must possess to fight adversity, capitalize on opportunities, maintain a positive image and build strategy.

Let’s take a look at some of these must-have qualities:



Faint-hearted ones or those who are timid should actually stay away from this profession. PR experts from today’s generation need to develop the ability to withstand personal and brand criticism and not be easily offended. Developing resilience is a key characteristic of a PR pro.


A good PR practitioner does his homework and has a healthy skepticism. He checks and double-checks facts and veracity of any statement and makes sure that it can be properly sourced.

Attention to Detail

Digital communication has placed brands on the slide and under the microscope requiring meticulous review and careful planning of all communication to media and the community. A tiny error can be magnified by 1,000 times and can shift the tides of positive to negative sentiments.



To say in today’s society that consumers are inundated with content and journalists receive a deluge of pitches daily is a radical understatement. Often, what tends to resonate best is creativity born out of ideas outside the norm. Learn to be creative.


It is about putting the best light on a situation, helping to portray issues, companies, organizations, in a positive way. It does not mean lying (if you have to lie, it’s probably not a very good product). A good PR person helps a client and tells the truth even when it is not so pleasant.


A good PR person should ahve the power to engage with the world and keeps up with the news, current events and trends and developments within the ‘industry’. That means understanding social media and its implications. The PR practitioner’s job is to bring the outside in as well

as the inside out.

Relationship Builder

Relationship Builder


In PR, relationships are everything. The profession’s core is the ability to build rapport and bridge communication chasms through quality conversations that build strong relationships.


Public relations practitioners are often presented with complex subject matters. Their job is to drill down and develop simple key messages and sound bites that target audiences can comprehend.


In the public relations profession, the PR practitioner is a bit like a circus juggler, he has to manage multiple deadlines. His work is frequently time-sensitive, so being well-organized is essential to delivering needed materials on time, every time.


Sometimes ‘no’ means ‘not now’. Knowing the difference between these meanings helps



A public relations practitioner is often privy to inside information about customers’ businesses. Clients know they can share confidential information about upcoming lay-offs, new programs and even gripes about their job, because it is safe with them.

Some Patterns of Behavior Adopted by Professional Practitioners

  • The communication technician typically implements program tactics determined by others and does not play an active role in strategic planning.


  • The expert prescriber acts as the authority on all public relations matters while the client or employer assumes a passive role. The expert prescriber defines problems, selects solutions, implements programs, and assesses impact with little input from the client.


  • The communication facilitator maintains two–way communication and facilitates discussion. Working under the assumption that the more information both sides of the relationship have about each other, communication facilitators work to remove barriers and keep communication channels open until decisions are made.


  • The problem–solving facilitator, collaborates with other managers to define and solve problems. Practitioners working in this role work with others in the organization to apply to public relations the same step–by–step management process that is used in other parts of the organization

Do you think you could make an excellent professional PR practitioner?

Despite the fact that Covid-19 has drastically transformed the world, business can still continue and public relations can still rise from ashes. If you want to learn some new PR models and techniques, check out this article.

Optimize and Work on Your Digital Spaces

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Whether it concerns blogs, websites or any third-party sites, the Covid-19 lockdown provides the right time and opportunity to refine and improve SEO and marketing strategies to increase and boost the visibility of your online content. Old information can be updated and you can look for new ways to improve your SEO performance.

Using keywords and links is one of the most crucial factors for search engines but you can also employ SEO brands such as Yeah! Local. It’s a company that will look at your websites’ or blogs’ SEO, will give suggestions for improvement and will then provide regular updates on your brand’s performance.

Focus On Backburner Projects

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It often happens that PR organizations place some projects on the back burner. However, now is the perfect time to take out these projects and to start working on them. These projects could consist of updating a brand messaging, creating a new website, publishing a new blog, creating a video or posting a picture. As simple as these tasks can be, they still require your full attention.

Think Properly About How to Tell the Story

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The epidemic has resulted in heightened fears all over the world and the level of pessimism has increased too. So, before PR experts hit “send” on any marketing emails and click “post” on any social media platforms, they need to think about whether people would consider them to be profiting from the worldwide crisis.

Increase the Creativity

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Before the Covid-19 crisis, many PR campaigns used creativity and innovation and brought PR strategies to another level. For instance, Paramount Pictures used a PR strategy to promote the horror movie series, The Ring and arrange for a publicity stunt to scare people in a real-life scenario. It is said that the video received more than 10 million views on Facebook.

The Covid-19 crisis may not allow PR organizations to arrange for such publicity stunts, but there is still some place for such creative and innovative online methods to engage and appeal to the audience. For example, after the tragic Paris shooting in 2015, Facebook added a France flag filter where users all over the world could apply this filter to their profile pictures to show their support for France and all those who died in the incident. This is an example of a simple, cost-effective and unique PR strategy.

Think About the Long-Term and Use Online Platforms

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Many PR organizations have been discouraged and affected by the pandemic. As per a research study conducted by the PR Cavalry and Intuit Research, “50 % of PR freelancers have lost at least 60 % of their income while 33% PR workers have seen their incomes decreased by 80 %.” Fear is taking control of the PR sector and many organizations are reducing their budgets, decreasing the number of workers or closing offices.

However, if one looks back in time, history shows that many of the prominent brands have begun and flourished during hard times, such as Airbnb, Dropbox and Square. Hence, these serve as an example to PR companies and practitioners to promote their brand values and strengthen community relations.

“Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, but Live Today.”

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During this crisis, the above line is less of a quote and can be considered more as a PR strategy.

  • Remember yesterday: There are many projects such as a product launch or a new program that were placed on the back burner. However, it is also essential to remember these past projects and create contingency PR plans.
  • Live today: Crisis communications states that one should always move and respond quickly. Similarly, it is essential always to be connected with your clients during this crisis, whether through online communications.
  • And remember: an absence of communication can result in your audience having ambiguities to understand certain things about the brand or product. A lack of proper and immediate communications can also lead to failures.
  • Dream about tomorrow: PR practitioners must also think about what will happen after the crisis is over. It is also essential to think about the future plans and projects as your competitors will still remain your competitors, but the battle will be more challenging compared to before as said by the rule of the jungle, only the strong can survive. Hence, PR experts can start creating future PR strategies and tactics.

Add the Human Touch

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According to a study, 70 % of online customers claimed that they trust the opinions of influencers. For example, many people rely on cultural icons to navigate through online platforms during the pandemic. A great example is how in South Korea, even during the pandemic, the K-pop industry has used the K-pop idols as leading influencers for perfecting their PR campaigns.

Always Monitor the News Cycles Closely

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It is not really a good idea for a PR organization to create messages without monitoring recent news. Thus, it is critical for PR practitioners to stay updated about current news and to always be active on social media platforms. By incorporating social listening, the public relations sector will be able to create impactful stories and pitches.

Show Support for the Community

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How many people are homeless or dying out of starvation during the pandemic?

During these tough times, one way to promote your company and at the same time do something good for the community is by providing help and support to the needy of the society.

What do you think about these PR strategies? If you have some other ideas, why don’t you share them with us in the comment section below?

Music is magic. A good melody can propel us from our seat to the dance floor or help us relax and rejuvenate. A particular song can take us back to the past and tap into our deep emotions or make us dream. Music is not only fun to listen to. It provides many benefits to our mood and our health as well. Whether as stress relief or in the development of cognitive capacities, here are a few ways music can be beneficial.

1) A Source of Pleasure

Music can convey positive emotions. It provides a feeling of pleasure by acting on the reward system, thanks to the dopaminergic neurons (the main source of dopamine), which release dopamine ( a hormone that plays a role in how we feel pleasure). For instance, listening to music in the car has positive effects on the mood of drivers.

2) Say Goodbye to Stress!

Constant tiredness, knotted stomach, irritability, you have the symptoms of a stressed person. What if a piece of music could make your worries go away? A study of anxious patients undergoing surgery has shown that listening to instrumental tunes or songs can be more effective than anxiolytics in reducing their anxiety.

3) Hello Motivation!

For all those who are never motivated enough for sports, listening to your favorite music can be particularly productive! In fact, in a British study, participants were asked to walk on a training mat for as long as possible until they were exhausted. People who could listen to musical tunes during the exercise proved to be more enduring!

Did you know? During most official sports competitions, athletes are not allowed to listen to music, which is considered to be an aid. Proof that music can bring a real boost of energy!

4) A Sound to Remember

If a tune can bring you back to a moment in your past, it is because music stimulates auditory memory and promotes learning through sound. The positive effects of music on learning and memory are such that a music therapy program is specifically dedicated to patients suffering from neurological diseases. The musical atmosphere is a real stimulation for the human brain!

5) Music to Boost Creativity

Do you lack inspiration? Music can help! People who listen to music at work finish their tasks in a jiffy and more creatively. Scientists advise avoiding a particular musical style: pop or songs with lyrics that would somewhat hinder concentration. Hence, opt for a safe bet: classical music or background music. You can, therefore, let yourself be guided by your emotions and let go. In dance, painting, or theater, music can have a positive effect on your creativity and enhance your talent!

6) Helps With Sleep

Music can become your best ally to help you sleep. It allows you to calm down and gradually enter a phase of calm, conducive to sleep. It is with this factor in mind that parents make babies and children listen to lullabies! The only condition is listening to soft music (classical, background, relaxation music, for example). With overly rhythmic music, your brain will perceive the opposite signal, and you may remain awake.

7) Improves Quality of Life

 Listening to music, singing, or playing an instrument helps improve quality of life. For instance, among other things, that the practice of choral singing can help, after one year, a reduction in the number of falls in people aged 65 and over, a decrease in the number of visits to the doctor, and the use of medication has been noted.

8) Helps Relieve Pain

As surprising as it may seem, music has therapeutic properties. It is used in certain medical specialties to soothe patients. Music helps patients to stay calm before an operation, for example. Moreover, studies even show that patients with chronic pain experience less discomfort if they listen to music for an hour a day.

9) Encourages Open-Mindedness

 Learning or listening to various music styles allows you to discover other cultures and, therefore, broaden your horizons and your vision of things. We all have our preferences, but our tastes in music also change according to age, experiences, experiences

10) Cardiovascular Virtues

 When listening to music, breathing and heart rate are increased. For instance, soft music helps reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and therefore reduces the risk of heart problems.

11) Allows You to Be in Your Own World

Music allows us to immerse ourselves in our own little world for more imagination and dreams. If you need to take a break and cut off from your hectic daily activities, plug in your earphones, and listen to some good music!

So, are you convinced of the great benefits brought by music to each of your days?

If you’re passionate about music and need help with any of your musical projects, the team at Rakoon Sound Studio is made up of masters in the field. From experienced sound engineers and music producers to professional DJs and music teachers, they can help you create, record, and produce your own song and music!

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