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Booking a Bar for Your Corporate Event: How to Proceed?

The prospect of choosing from hundreds of bars to try to negotiate deals can seem exhausting. But, to avoid this, you can follow the little piece of advice in this post.  

To make your reservation:

1. Ensure you’re talking to the right person.

2. Ask for help from the managers, explain some of your cost restrictions while assuring your intention to work with the venue. It is essential that planners and bar managers have an open and honest conversation about expenses.

3. Try to be flexible around dates and times. If you plan and set a date well before your event, allow for margins around that date, so this will allow you to cover unforeseen events.

 Once you and the bar have both agreed on the rate for organising your business, they will send the final contract directly to your inbox. You will then need to follow the link in your email to ensure you secure the negotiated rate. Finally, consider booking multiple events with the venue as making a long-term commitment to the venue and building a positive relationship with the event’s venue manager may encourage them to work with you over time. They may be able to offer you significant discounts if you approach them to organise a series of events.

Organising corporate events: follow the progress of the event.

The catering service and the costs are pretty easy to anticipate and to understand. With a good reservation and a fixed program, the organisation should be successful. However, make sure that the running aspects of the event are practical on the day. These aspects can be related to

    – Personnel: Do you need specialised audio-visual, staging and lighting personnel? Don’t assume that the technical aspects of your event are entirely covered and won’t need direction or adjustment. That’s what Plan Bs are for. Have an external or internal specialised supplier as a backup who can compensate for any unforeseen eventuality. For example, you can have the contact of an alternative DJ in case the scheduled one fails;

    – To the drinks: When it comes to arranging drinks for your company party, the first thing to do is to decide whether you pre-order drinks or pay for what you consume on the night. Pre-ordering gives you more control over your budget, but you may not order enough for everyone. If you are offering an open bar, make sure the refilling is done so there is no shortage of drinks;

    – Entertainment: Choose entertainment that fits your theme and venue. The venue should provide this under your direction. There are several options available to you, 

    – Sports Bar,

    – Functions & Events Venue,

    – Arcade Games,

    – Pool Tables,

    – Cocktail Bar.

BB8 Billiards Club, a reference venue for companies

The venue you choose for your corporate event will set the mood and tone before your audience even sets foot inside. Its location and reputation will give your guests a sense of direction before they respond. So get help in choosing the right venue. Your search for the perfect corporate event space may lead you to choose BB8 Billiards Club, the ultimate entertainment venue in Glen Waverley. 

They offer a unique repertoire of affordable, state-of-the-art event spaces for businesses and leaders from all sectors. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just need a place to talk business, they have the right package for you: event spaces, food, drinks and entertainment available. You’ll be able to create co-worker afterparties, happy hours, a business event, seminar or corporate gathering, rehearsal dinners, graduations and any other occasion imaginable.

You have a party to organise, and you have a hard time choosing between a pub or a bar. To have a good time in the evening and maybe have a few drinks, everyone has their preferences. Some people prefer nightclubs and others prefer bars or pubs. And while we’re at it, what’s the difference between these places? This post will make your job easier, and you’ll be able to see more clearly to be up to the occasion!

The bar for more beer and less noise

Those who are familiar with the nightlife and especially with leisure facilities know the difference between a bar, pub and nightclub. But a novice may be disappointed when he finds that the atmosphere is different from what he thought. First of all, let’s talk about the bar. The term is derived from the English word “bar” which means an outlet where you can drink (beer in particular) standing at the counter or sitting down.

Initially, the bar was a place where you would find mainly beer and fewer cocktails. It is also a quieter place than nightclubs, with less dancing and often softer music. Things have changed, however, and nowadays, different types of drinks are presented in bars. For example, this is the case at the BB8 Billiards Club in Glen Waverley. However, beer is still the main drink, and people don’t go to a bar to party, but to have a drink.

Cocktail Bar

Now, coming to cocktails, if you are interested, you can go to a Cocktail Bar where several varieties of drinks are served to amuse your tasting buds. Cocktails are usually based on vodka, tequila, whisky, cognac, beer and even only fruit juice! You can choose a cocktail or a non-alcoholic drink à la carte or try an unusual preparation.

Sports Bar

There are some even more modern concepts like the Sports Bar, which is now very trendy. There’s no age limit, and it’s the perfect place if you like to watch a rugby match with friends. At places like BB8 Billiards Club, you can also book a Functions & Events Venue where you can celebrate some special moment with friends.

The nightclub for more music and dancing

It was mentioned in the first paragraph that the bar is quieter than the nightclubs. The nightclub is the ideal place if, in addition to drinking, you want to listen to music at high volume and dance with it as you wish. The atmosphere in a nightclub is more lively; it’s a party atmosphere!

We also note that nightclubs tend to be more formal than bars. You may even need to book in advance, follow a particular dress code or even have an invitation to get in. In general, drinks are more diverse in nightclubs with more original cocktails prepared in front of you.

It’s not just bars and nightclubs. There is also the pub!

To have a good time at night, there are not only bars and nightclubs. There is also the pub, a little similar to the bar, but more traditional and authentic. The pub (public house) has its origins in Great Britain where people liked to go there after work to have a drink with friends. You go there for more chit-chatting, some chill moments around a few drinks.

Now that you know the difference between bar, nightclub and pub, it’s up to you to choose the atmosphere that suits you best according to your preferences! Wish you pleasant time out there, and remember to share your experience in the comment section below.

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