You are always ready to be presented with a wish list when your kid’s birthday is around. Your child is probably pointing out at any toy which comes across the TV. While you want to fulfill some of their wishes, it is important to consider the points below while buying toys for your kids.

1. Be Familiar with the Brand Names

Toys with branded names tend to be more reputable and offer warranties. You can rest assured that the toys will be durable. However, you should be cautious while shopping online as there are lots of vendors who sell imitated items at cheaper prices. While it might seem like a bargain, the items are rarely durable.

2. Always read reviews

Most of the reviews that you see online are legit. You can get a lot of information about the products that you are going to buy while browsing through the reviews. If bad reviews are flowing, you might want to consider another brand,hence saving you from the hassle of returning the product and buying another one.

3. Keep it within the age limit

Toys are designed for kids of different age ranges. For example, kids under the age of 1 to 3 should not be given small toys as they can swallow parts and choke. Toys designed and created for older children have their own safety standards specific to kids of that age.

4. Choose toys which are educational

Some of the toys that you buy for your kids are just for fun. As they grow up, it is advisable to buy ones which will also contribute to their education. Toys like water tables or cooking toys which can make your child learn about shapes, colors, new words or new languages should be encouraged. There are also musical instrument toys which can help to build your child’s talents, contributing to their self esteem.

5. Always compare prices

Once you have made your mind on which toy you want to buy for your kids, it is advisable to check in different stores to be able to make a comparison. Lets be honest, not everyone can splurge a lot of money on toys. You would want to factor on the important things like the cost and its durability. Before you buy any toy, make sure to compare so that you get the best deal.

Always remember that toys should be safe, durable and appropriate for your kids.

Planning your kid’s birthday party but don’t want to break the bank? We got your back! Being a parent as well, I understand that planning a birthday can be costly. Last year, I decided to try some methods which proved to be very cost-cutting. That’s why I decided to share my best tips with you to stick to a budget while planning your next bash.

1. Timing is important.

As Danielle Walker, the author of Against All Grain has rightly said,“ Plan your party from 2 p.m to 5 p.m.” It is indeed the best time to throw a party. Guests normally don’t expect a full course meal if you are hosting your party after lunch and before dinner. The message is quite clear that only snacks will be served.

2. Planning is vital.

Make a list of all the party supplies that you will be needing. It is important to go supply shopping early. You can opt to go for a month or weeks before the party. It will give you time to compare different prices from different shops plus it will save you from any last minute shopping. During the party, you will be at ease to know that you have everything set.

3. Go Digital.

I know that it can be fascinating to sit around and make your DIY birthday invitation cards. Paper invitations cost a lot of money and energy. For your next event, make use of awesome technology around us and choose a free electronic invitation with RSVP option that way, you can count your number of guests as well.

4. Opt for a Dual party.

Your kid’s friend’s birthday is right around the corner? Instead of planning for only one, you can collaborate with the other kid’s parent and have a dual party. This will help to split the cost and responsibilities. However, make sure that each child gets their own cake.

5. Avoid traps of party stores.

Sometimes, it is baseless to shop for things at party stores as you can find the same thing for a much better price in the wholesale supermarket. The goal is to cut down cost.

6. Make use of your networks.

Contact your personal connections or community resources for entertainment. Once my friends asked their friend who was a police officer, to come to the party in his uniform. The kids were pretty much excited to see a cop. Kids are easily entertained.

There are many people who can have their wine with almost anything. But there is some food that doesn’t comply with certain wines and vice versa. This article is all about knowing which wine to pair with which food. Sure, it will help you to know more but it will also guide someone who is new to the world of wines!

So buckle up, let the wine and food matching begin!

Wines to pair with Vegetarian, Seafood, and Spicy Dishes

Pairing wine with vegetarian dishes needs to be done carefully. Pay attention to the herbs, sauces, and spice!

• Tossed Salads needs to be paired with sparkling wine. The acidity works best with the dressing and not against it.
• Grilled Vegetables are best in summer and accompanied with a New Zealand sauvignon blanc just completes the dish!
• Rich Vegetable dishes like curries or pasta. To complement the richness of the sauces, try a white burgundy or a California Chardonnay!
• Hearty vegetable stew such as ratatouille is complimented with a white wine from the Rhone Valley or a Viognier from California.
• For meat substitutes like tofu and seitan paired with a Grenache-based wine or a rosé from France or Spain would work best with these dishes.


Whenever red meat is mentioned we tend to think of red wine and the same for fish, we think of white wine! Well, it’s good to remember that but there are seafood dishes and the preparation that requires red wine.

• Salmon is a fish that can work with many different types of wine depending on its preparation. If made with a crust or served in a dark sauce, then a pinot noir would work best. If the salmon is poached, then it needs to be served with a chardonnay!
• White and Flakey fish are best paired with Spanish white wine such as Albarino or a sauvignon blanc.
• Darker and Oily fish such as mackerel, a flavored wine would work best. A Cru Beaujolais from France or a lighter Barbera from Italy would be apt.
• Fried fish is the obvious pair of a sparkling wine like a French Champagne.
• Sushi and other raw fishes pair excellently with a sparkling wine because of its bright acidity.

Pairing wine with spicy food is complex as all the spices are put forward and the taste of wine would fade. Matching spicy food with wine is challenging that’s why beers are mostly recommended. Sauvignon blanc and Champagne are the best to have with spicy dishes.

That’s it, now you know!

Whether you are a wine virgin or an experienced taster, wine tasting is the perfect opportunity to try new wines without having to invest in a bottle if you don’t like it!

If it’s your first wine tasting tour, then here are some basics you need to know and if you’re an adept of wine tasting tours, then here are some etiquette that you might not know!


Basics For Beginners

• What to wear- Always wear something comfortable. Be it a casual dress or jeans and a shirt, both are totally acceptable!

• Head out early- As most tasting rooms open at 10 am, it’s better to go there early so that you can have plenty of time to visit everything. Weekends are better as there is less crowd!

• Ask for tips- Discover new places by asking wineries for their favorite places!

• Visit both old and new wineries- Plan your wine tours with a list, if possible! Visit old wineries that are famous and have long histories as well as visit the new wineries as it adds a lot to your winery touring experience.

• Consider the time of the year-Summer and fall are the busiest seasons in many locations, so if you are planning a trip then choose the start of summer! If you are looking for a private wine tour, then you can choose to go offseason.

• Carry an empty box- This tip is essential as most people don’t know it! There are chances that you end up taking some bottles with you, so an empty box is always handy.

• Don’t visit more than 3 wineries a day- Don’t over-visit wineries in a day. It’s better to keep to 3 wineries a day so that you spend enough time at each winery instead of rushing!


Wine Etiquette

The DOs

• Have a plan- Give yourself time to differentiate between the wines!
• Take notes- Either you want to give scores or just write the things being discussed by others, taking notes helps!
• Try something new- Don’t stick to what you know!
• Ask questions- Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The host is always there to help and guide you.
• Cleanse your palate- Use water to cleanse your palate to remove the taste of the previous wine.
• Spit- It’s totally okay to spit the wine or else you’ll end up drunk!

The Don’ts

• Giving your opinions- If you don’t like something, then it’s okay to talk!
• Wearing a strong perfume or aftershave- Not recommended!
• Holding the bowl- There is a technique of holding a wine glass.
• Going on an empty stomach- Eat something before!
• Wearing a white shirt- Obviously, you’re tasting wine!

Be mesmerized by the wine wonders!

There are great RV resorts across the US that can’t be missed. Some are free and others payable. Are you about to rent an RV for an unforgettable family outing? So, ramp up your engine and lets get going!

Let’s take a look at the Southwest area

The Southwest bears RV friendly states like Arizona and California, which means a variety to choose from. A great place to begin is Springs at Borrego RV Resort and Golf Course near San Diego. This sumptuous venue is located in the vast Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and is known to be a Dark Sky community.

You will enjoy the stage set of big skies and desert panorama of Arizona at the upscale Gnew Canyon RV and Golf Resort. For a more spectacular landscape, check out Zion River Resort, only a few miles from Zion National Park in Utah.

How about the Southeast?

The big skies and long highways are dominated by the state of Texas, where the Mill Creek Ranch Resort is located. This park can fit in any size of RV and covers more than 200 acres of relaxing outdoor activities. While continuing further south you will experience a different environment at Camp Gulf, an RV resort located on a white sandy beach on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. As you will be heading north along the Atlantic Coast to Cypress Camping Resort in South Carolina, you will fall in love with the beauty of South Myrtle Beach combined with the historic Intracoastal Waterway.

Head towards the Northwest

This is a land of Rocky Mountains, a place which is active both in the winter and summer. For a close captivating view of the snowy peaks, visit the Tiger Run Resort in the rocky slopes of Breckenridge. If you prefer the verge of the ocean rather than a Rocky Mountain, drive to the coast to see the Pacific Northwest. You can choose to stay for the night right on the seaside at Sea Perch RV Resort and Oceanfront Villas on the coast of Oregon. Head even further northwest and park your RV, and if you want, you can take a ferryboat to visit Washington’s San Juan Islands to find Lakedale Resort, a unique island park.

Drive through the Northeast

A region dominated by the Great Lakes and the East Coast where you can discover both city and country living. There are many RV resorts and parks around New York State, and one of the most popular is Lake George RV Park, which has its own lake. To get a close look around, you can stay at the Oak Grove Campground and Resort, it is walking distance to both Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan.


Whether you’re a small home on wheels lifestyle or someone who likes occasional road trips, you can find beautiful RV resorts in every corner of the country. Find the RV that suits your personality and budget, start the GPS, and get ready to cross another resort off your travel list.

Traveling by RV is one of the supreme family vacation experiences. A recent survey conducted by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) reported that 62 percent of respondents who have never owned an RV said they thought RVs are the best way to take a family trip. It is a cost-effective mode of traveling and also a way to escape the stress of our daily routines without having to give up all the comforts of a home.

Some specific features to look for

In this article, we will consider The Willie – 2001 Coleman Grand Tour Santa Fe, which can sleep up to 6 people with a queen and double size mattress on each side. You should look for features such as a 3 burner stovetop, refrigerator, sink, countertops, stocked kitchen (for all the basic amenities of a kitchen like pots and pans, coffee press, among others), spacious toilet amenities and a television and lounge space without forgetting a 12V battery. When you will be stopping for the nights, you will need to have two 5lb propane tanks which will be used for cooking. Additionally, you’ll need convenient outlets equipped with electrical and water hookups for RV sites. For this trailer, you’ll require a 2” ball, vehicle rated to pull over 1700lbs, and either a 4 way flat or 7 way round connector for the tail lights. Also, if you plan to bring your pet check that the RV is pet-friendly from the amenities that will be available. You will have to check with the RV rental shop.

A guarantee of trust and safety

Like all your traveling you will have to check the level of trust & safety, that is, if the RV is eligible for outdoorsy roadside assistance. Will you have financial protection from unexpected breakdowns? Will there be a 24/7 RV technical assistance hotline? Will there be a lockout assistance in case you might need a tire repair, and emergency fuel delivery or any mechanic service?

A good insurance cover

Furthermore, you will need to check the amount of insurance coverage. It is always good to rent your RV with complete peace of mind, knowing that it is protected by industry-leading liability and comprehensive collision coverage, which in this case, for the Willie Coleman, could be covering over one million dollars.

Gua sha forms part of traditional Chinese massage which involves scraping your skin to improve blood circulation. This ancient Chinese healing method is often used to treat chronic pain.

Stagnant energy may be responsible for inflammation associated with chronic pain in the body. Gua sha deals with moving that energy, which is called Chi, in the body. The technique consists of rubbing the surface of the skin so as to break that stagnant energy in order to promote healing of the inflamed areas in the body.

A certified gua sha technician knows how to reduce the risk of pain or intense bruises by not using excessive force during scraping. Bruising usually disappears within a couple of days. The skin is scraped using short and long movements with a smooth-edged tool in order to enhance microcirculation of the soft tissue in order to increase blood flow. The therapist uses massage oil on your skin and continually scrape your skin in a downward motion.

Gua sha is usually performed on the arms, legs, neck, back, and buttocks. A soft version of this technique can be used for facial treatment to relieve stress and tension.

The technique should be avoided on people who have had any surgery during the previous six weeks and people taking blood thinners or having any clotting disorders.

Before a deep tissue massage, you will have to discuss your pain areas with your healer. A deep tissue massage is often a full body massage that focuses solely on a particular area. You will begin lying on your back or abdomen underneath a sheet. It is up to you to what level you undress unless the therapist provides you with sanitary underwear.

Deep tissue massage begins like a relaxation massage where the muscles have to be warmed up. Your therapist can begin to massage deep into your painful areas. He/she can use his/her forearms, elbows, palms, fingertips, and knuckles to extend the level of pressure.

It is vital to communicate with the therapist concerning the extent of pressure at different areas where you can endure pressing in order to avoid discomfort. Do not hesitate to talk with the healer before and throughout the massage. Some massage therapists find that pain is not effective and expect you to tell them if you cannot tolerate the pressure.

You should expect an amount of soreness within the days following your deep tissue massage. Your healer may suggest treatment with heat, ice or some physical exercises to stretch your muscles.

People of all ages are looking for pain relief or relaxation. A wide variety of massage services exist to relax, refresh and renew your body and mind. You want to leave yourself in the hands of qualified therapists who fully understand your specific needs. There is a variety of highly recognized massage parlor who is known for putting client needs first and delivering a range of massages at affordable prices.


A full body massage lasts at least 50 minutes and focuses on the areas of your body that generally experience the most strain and tension, such as your back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck.


This type of massage is a firmer style of full body massage that relies on gentle and paced pressure to reach the deeper layers of the muscle. With the ability to relieve muscle tension, it focuses on your specific areas of concern to enable you to find a release from everyday life.


Scalp massage is designed to relax your mind and encourage blood circulation. Tension is often accumulated within the head and neck region. By using fingertips, the therapist gently massages the scalp with warm oil, aiming to relax tight muscles near the neck and temple regions. A scalp massage can help increase blood flow, enhance hair roots, reduce dry scalp and help people facing hair loss.


Remedial massage therapy is mainly used to assess and treat injuries or severe pain. Depending on the pain or injury, the types of remedial massage techniques that can be used include Trigger point therapy, Direct myofascial release, and Muscle energy technique.


A relaxation massage that eases tired muscles and soothes busy minds to help you relax. The therapists apply gentle pressure and rhythmic strokes to the affected areas of your body. It is a full body massage that targets the scalp, face, and feet accompanied by aromatic oils and soft music. This type of massage is best for you if your goal is to chill out and relax.


This type of massage is related to acupuncture and focuses on channeling and transporting energy throughout the body.

Chinese style massages include Cupping, Back trampling, Lymphatic drainage massage, Hot stone massage, Hong Kong style foot massage, and Skin scraping (Gua Sha) treatment. The goal is to help you achieve good health by achieving a balance between the yin and yang.


Far from just being a simple type of massage, foot massage is vital in promoting proper blood circulation, muscle stimulation, tension reduction, and pain relief.

Whether you are building a brick house or a wooden house, you will be needing a building contractor to get the job done. These professionals are trained to work with all kinds of materials including natural rocks, bricks, tiles, and others.

You can always turn to the internet if you are out of options. There are sites which display their products, helping you to have an idea on how these material look on your property. Whether it’s for your dream home or the garden you always wanted, you should always choose the best masonry products and supplies. It is important for the realization of your project. Your material supplier contributes to the success of your project. You need to be careful who you select as one wrong choice can ruin your entire project. Investigate on your masonry supplier and look for feedback. Below are things that you should expect from a good supplier:

Good Customer Service: A trustworthy material supplier always makes sure that the client is receiving a good customer service, whether it is about an inquiry about the material purchase or after-sales service. As a client, you will want to approach a company which is fast to assist your queries and most importantly to respond to arising problems. A material supplier with good customer service is bound to make the client’s life easier. Always compare at least 3 masons bid before taking a final decision.

Materials arrive in good condition and on time: To make sure that you have chosen the right material supplier, always check your material upon delivery. A good supplier will ensure that the client gets quality products in good condition and even provides a guarantee for punctual delivery.

Areas of expertise: While most masons have experience working with bricks others may have more experience working with natural stone and tiles. It is important to discuss with your expert before hiring him. Always be certain that your mason has experience working with different kinds of stones that you will be buying for your landscaping project.

Request a masonry contract: It is of utmost importance to sign a contract with your mason before starting any work. Important things such as the scope of work, proof of license, payment method, workmanship guarantee should be clear on the contract.

Below are some basic questions to ask your mason :

  • How much experience do you have?

  • Have you used this material before?

  • What is your workmanship guarantee?

  • What is your expected timeline for this job?

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