For decades, Japan has always had its fair share of quirky gadgets meant to help out consumers in their daily lives. While always well-intentioned, they ranged from must-haves to “what the heck were they thinking?” Case in point: the Sony Walkman was a Japanese invention and revolutionized mankind’s relationship with music.

The Japanese have created a term for these sort of wacky gadgets: Chindōgu. The natural translation is “gadget,” but the literal translation is “strange (or curious) tool.” While there are still plenty of crazy inventions like the ones above floating around Japan, this article is going to introduce you to ten modern chindōgu that are actually quite clever while also being affordable enough to bring home. The basic criteria is that it has to be something that can be found either in any of the large electronics or department stores in Japan (Ito Yokado, K’s Denki, Bic Camera, etc.) or on Amazon JP and it has to be small enough to fit into a suitcase.

So let’s discover some of them below :

1. Fingertip Mittens

Have you ever tried to take a plate out of the microwave only to find that you have accidentally gone nuclear with your reheating? These rubber fingertip mittens were designed to give you enough grip and thermal protection to be able to remove those pesky overheated plates and bowls from your microwave sans the fingerprint removal.

2. Spatula Tongs

Have you ever tried to pick up a hamburger with a spatula only to have it slide off? Have you ever tried to pick up fish with tongs only to have it fall apart? Well, apparently enough folks over here have had the problem that someone went out and invented these clever rubber spatula tongs. It makes grilling fish a cinch, and you won’t ever have to be “that guy” who accidentally drops a burger at a barbeque.

3. Takoyaki Maker

Simply put, Takoyaki is octopus coated in dough and pan fried into a ball. I know that many of you readers out there will balk at the notion of eating octopus, but it provides a nice textural contrast to the doughy shell. For any who have tasted takoyaki before, you understand that why it is one of those quintessential Japanese street vendor foods that leaves you craving more. But Takoyaki can be hard to find outside Japan, and it is near impossible to cook without the proper tools.

Fear not, Japan has you covered. For just over 10 bucks, you can bring home this kitchen appliance that makes cooking takoyaki a cinch. Just be sure to pick up some of the takoyaki flour and sauces before you head home, and you’ll be ready to cook up some authentic takoyaki for your friends and family in no time.

4. Electric Nabe

It is sumo season again with the September Basho (tournament) in full swing. Sumo tournaments always make me crave chanko nabe, a meal where you basically throw a bunch of meat, veggies, tofu, etc. into a pot, boil it up, and eat it with some sauce and rice. This handy appliance gives you the opportunity to make your own chanko nabe at home with ease. The fact that it is electric means it is a minimal fire hazard and makes it extremely versatile in where you can use it (at home, the office, a dorm room, etc.). Of course, you don’t just have to use it for chanko nabe—it’s perfect for sukiyaki, shabu shabu, or any other type of meal you would cook and serve in an earthenware pot.

5. Sake Warmer

This is one of the pricier options on this list, but for good reason. Many people who enjoy sake (nihonshu) prefer it served warm, but there is both an art and science to heating sake. Heat it too much, and you alter the flavor. Don’t heat it enough, and it will just taste like you left it in a stuffy car. Also, the utensil you use to heat it could affect the flavor based on any minerals or residue on a pot or other vessel you may use. So what do you do?

Enter this sake warmer. The earthenware kettle is designed to be a sake vessel, so you don’t have to worry about it inadvertently affecting the flavor. Also, the device heats the sake to the perfect drinking temperature, so it takes all of the guesswork out of it. So if you really enjoy quality sake and prefer it served warm, do yourself a favor and get one of these.

6. Sandwich Shaper

Okay, so these aren’t life-changing gadgets, and they may be a little on the impractical side, but did you notice that they can turn a standard sandwich into a 3D Panda, frog, or bear? So they may be a little unnecessary, but it is the perfect souvenir for being able to bring home Japanese “cute” culture with you and sharing it with friends and family.

Have you noticed that your belly is pumped like a balloon after a great meal? You feel like opening your waist button to relieve your belly from all that pressure. You then start thinking that you are overweight. However, you also notice that all other parts of your body have remained in their usual sizes. Thus, it cannot be that you are growing in size. But, still you feel discomfort and nobody really wants to look as if their belly is hanging out of their waist.

What is Bloating?

Bloating happens when the gastrointestinal tract is filled with air or gas. The normal digestive function is then interrupted and the gut bacteria finds it hard to digest all the food that you have ingested during that wonderful dinner.

What Causes a Bloated Stomach?

Fast Meal

Sometimes you eat too quickly because you have not eaten for hours and you are unable to resist that food craving. That incredible hunger makes you wolf down without chewing enough and you swallow a lot of air in the process. Now your gut will have to complete the unfinished chewing of your ingested food. The gut will take a lot more time than your teeth to complete the large food pieces and this will make your stomach bloat.

Solution: Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. When it becomes like a paste in your mouth, then you can swallow down. This will avoid overworking your stomach and accelerate digestion.

Food Intolerance

There are certain food that are not much appreciated by the gut. Some people show intolerance to dairy or seafood products. The bowel is unable to complete the digestion process, and when this happens, fermentation of the undigested food takes place in the digestive tract. Additionally, there can be acid re-flux and all these make your stomach bloat.

Solution: Avoid eating food that you are allergic to.

Breathing Way

Some times when you lie on your back to sleep, you unconsciously have the tendency to breath through your mouth when you are asleep. When you do that, you are actually swallowing three times as much air than breathing through the nose. This excess air is what inflates your belly.

Solution: Lie on your side instead of your back. In this position, your head will not be tilted and your jaw will not open.


Stress will make the digestive enzymes become inactive and the stomach acids will decrease. The food inside your stomach will not be broken down. This will result in a bloated stomach after eating.

Solution: Practicing physical exercises and traveling are some nice ways to keep stress away.

Get off that balloon now! Bloating is not a big health issue and you can easily get away with it by following the above tips. Alternatively, you can drink a lot of water, eat a banana, add ginger to your meals, exercise by doing some yoga stretches and have probiotics which are known to restore balance in your gut and help control harmful bacteria in the digestive tract.

Hope the above helps you! Remember to share your comments in the section below.

Dates are fruits of the date palm. You can eat them on your date for a romantic outing with another person or eat as a dessert. You can also eat them if you are in the desert and you need the energy to survive. Dates are soft fruits that fuel the body with the necessary energy. It is customary to eat dates during the holy month of Ramadan. They provide the body with sugar, helping restore low blood sugar after fasting all day.

You should start eating 3 dates every day. Try it for at least 1 week and your health will thank you for that. 3 dates per day contain the following health benefits.

1. You’ll have quick, long-lasting energy

Dates contain natural sugars, glucose, fructose and sucrose that boost energy. You don’t need to buy commercial and sometimes expensive energy bars or drinks. Dates are a cheaper and healthier alternative. They contain fiber, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants, and vitamins. All these prevent your energy level from crashing down. The effects last long enough – you will feel belly full and no food craves.

2. Improved digestive tract

Dates are your ally if you want to keep things in your digestive system moving along without any problem. Their rich fiber content prevents constipation and promotes regular bowel movements.

3. Treatment for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are often caused by constipation. The anus and rectum become swollen and inflamed. This is a terribly painful condition that you can reverse through eating 3 dates every day.

4. Reduced risk of colon cancer

Along with smooth movements through the digestive tract, dates are good for your gut. They keep it free from harmful bacteria known to cause colon cancer. So, if you eat three dates per day, you will reduce the risk of colon cancer.

5. Dates reduce LDL

Bad cholesterol (LDL) is the cause of clogged arteries that lead to stroke. The potassium intake from eating 3 dates daily helps in lowering LDL.

6. Good for your brains

Dates contain Vitamin B6 which helps the body make norepinephrine and serotonin. These two elements can improve brain performance. Norepinephrine helps your body deal with stress and serotonin, in turn, regulates mood. Low levels of Vitamin B6 can lead to depression. Hence, eating 3 dates per day will take good care of your brains.

So, I will end on this note – eat this miracle fruit every day and you will find long lasting health.

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Books and classes would have prepared you for labor and delivery. But there are 8 weird but normal things that you will come to know about a newborn. You must be thinking of the picture of a cute baby with a smiling and cheeky face, bright eyes and silky hairs. There is nothing to worry about, but prepare yourself to live a new experience. It is different from what the media shows us.

Cradle cap

Cradle cap is common on a newborn head and skin. It is the dry, flaky or scaly patches. Nobody knows for sure how it comes. Don’t worry, this isn’t harmful at all. But, you will be eager to restore baby’s scalp to that sweet, silky softness that all babies have. The good news is that it goes away after a few weeks. In the meantime, try rubbing baby oil on the patches.

Explosive Poop

The truth is, you haven’t initiated into parenthood until you change diapers and smell baby poop. Poop may blowout on your face or the surrounding spaces. For example, poop throwing on the wall. You will for sure get some poop on your hands. Don’t worry, clean yourself with soap and you will be smelling clean and fresh.

Baby Boobage

It may happen that the hormones that upset a woman during her entire pregnancy get in the baby too. The baby gets large breasts. It will take some time for the hormones to wear off, but don’t stress. They do not pose any health concern and will go away with time.

Groaning Noises

If you are expecting only a little cooing and crying of baby, it’s not going to happen this way. Babies make a racket. And, that can be more often at night. You will have to accept sleepless nights. There are grunting, snorting, groaning and similar funny sounds. All those strange sounds are due to mucus that gets trapped in the baby’s nasal passages. So if you hear a symphony of sounds, you can check the baby’s nose and clear it with a nasal aspirator.

Oddly-Shaped Heads

Giving birth is a tough job for a mother but it is also not an easy task for the newborn. The baby has to get down that birth canal and no wonder that he/she may come out all purple and swollen-looking. The little head of the baby is soft and malleable in the beginning. Passing the pelvic bone can cause some flattening of a baby’s head. Some babies come out with a bulge on their heads, which is usually on one side of the skull. Don’t worry. Change the position of the baby’s head while the baby sleeps. Reposition baby’s head from right to left and left to right when the baby is sleeping on the back. Alternate positions, hold the baby more often. The bulge doesn’t usually close until the baby is between ten and eighteen months. It may also take longer.

Swollen Genitals

If it is a little boy, you may notice his testes are larger than you’d expect. Same goes for a little girl, who may have swollen labia. This happens after a baby’s exposure to hormone in the mother’s belly. It is also because of extra fluid build-up around the genitals. No need to worry. On the following days, the baby will flush out the hormone or fluid accumulation when peeing.

Polroczne niemowle

Mini-period for infant girls

Don’t panic if you see some traces of blood in the baby’s diaper. For a baby girl, she may be going through a little estrogen withdrawal in the days following delivery. This may be the side effects of exposure to her mother’s hormones in the uterus. Also, a rough bowel movement may have caused a little scratch or cut on the way out. Do not worry, the bleeding should fade fast.

Crossed eyes

Slight wonk-eye in a baby is normal in the beginning. The baby is still trying to adapt to the sense of sight. It will take some time to gain muscle control and focus eyes on things all around him/her. The nose is like a bridge between the two eyes. Extra skin may be masking the white parts of the baby’s eyes. It is an optical illusion known as pseudoesotropia. You may take a closer look. Are the pupils lined up and moving together? If yes, you are over thinking as there is no issue at all.

I wish you good luck with your newborn. After a few weeks of adaptation, your baby will turn into an angel. If you are still unsure about a few things, your doctor will be the best to advice you further.

Baby Blanket Boy Excited Cute Child People

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Cradle cap is an infantile seborrheic dermatitis. It is a baby rash that affects 70 percent of babies and sets in around 3 weeks following birth.


Cradle cap is a yellowish rash that is scaly, greasy and flaky on the scalp of baby. It can sometimes set on baby’s ear, eyebrows, forehead, and upper torso. It has a distinctive cradle cap smell. Cradle cap can go from moderate to severe condition.

Under normal conditions, it has a slight oily scent, which is nothing to worry about. It results from a buildup of oil on baby’s scalp.

But if you smell a pungent odor like stale bread, it can be that the cradle cap has progressed to a yeast infection. You should seek the help of a doctor. The severe cases set in following 3 – 5 months, where some hair loss can occur. But the hair will grow back after treatment of the rashes.


Cradle cap in babies could be due to the hormones of the mother. Hormones pass to the baby through the placenta before birth or through breast milk. The mom’s residual hormones cause the baby’s sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. Excessive oil traps the skin flakes and prevents them from shedding. So, this leads to those yellowish scales.


Don’t worry if there is a baby with severe cradle cap in your mom’s group or family gatherings. Your baby is safe. The condition is not contagious. Not at all! In most cases, it goes away during the first year of life.


The yeast may sometimes develop into a fungal infection. A pediatrician or dermatologist will likely prescribe a low-strength steroid cream.

Avoid scales buildup

Do not let the scales accumulate. The buildup can cause the cradle cap to worsen. Regular cleansing and brushing of the baby’s scalp can remove scales buildup. Use only gentle bath products made for babies.

Don’t scratch!

Do not scratch the baby’s cradle cap rash. This will irritate the scalp of baby, leading to infection which will make it longer to heal.


You can treat severe cases of cradle cap at home without prescription medicines. Here is a list of home remedies that do the trick.

Soft baby shampoo

For mild cases, the flakes will go away by often washing the scalp of baby with soft baby shampoo. With a soft brush, remove the flakes and scales.

Special cradle cap shampoo

Special cradle cap shampoo can also do the trick. They contain beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and salicylic acid to exfoliate the patches.

Olive oil

Use olive oil to provide a moisture barrier for baby’s scalp. The oil softens the skin flakes, making them easier to brush off. It also provides a soothing effect on the skin and prevents inflammation. Rub a few drops of oil onto baby’s head and massage with your fingers. Do not allow the oil to sit overnight on baby’s scalp. The oil glands can get clogged and the conditions may worsen. Rinse the oil off with soft baby shampoo and brush again.

Coconut oil

Food Coconut Coconut Oil Nut Fruit Oil Healthy

It works the same way as olive oil. Here, you get a few bonuses. It smells amazing! Besides, virgin coconut oil is more effective for the skin barrier than other oils. Massage on baby’s scalp, then rinse with shampoo and water.

Shave baby’s hair

Shaving a baby’s hair will not solve the issue. The baby may stay free form cradle cap for 1 week, but it will come back again. But during that week, you can oil the baby’s scalp every day. The oil will work better and get absorbed quicker on the shaved skin.


The infection will go away after treatment. But in the following months, it does not stop the glands from making too much oil. It may start over again. Some babies may develop rashes such as eczema. So, yes. Cradle cap can come back.


Avoid chemicals

A baby’s skin is sensitive. You should avoid toxic chemicals. Never apply apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or essential oils. They are too strong and will burn the baby’s scalp. Also, avoid commercial shampoo.


Baby oil, olive oil, ointment, cradle cap shampoo may still be unsuccessful. Some over-the-counter antifungal creams and dandruff shampoos can treat cradle cap. Remember to talk with your doctor or pediatrist before using any adult product on baby’s skin.

For more information and tips, do not forget to share your experience. Jot down your comments in the section below. I will be happy to reply. And, good luck with your baby.

A wedding is a beautiful ceremony which celebrates the union of two people who have decided to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. While browsing through the internet, you will come across a lot of wedding traditions as each culture comes with its own customs. People marry according to their religious beliefs and superstitions as well.

Some cultures also have traditions which prove to be lucky for the couple. If you want your wedding life to be successful, you can incorporate these traditions into your own big day. Even the most loving couple can use a little luck, isn’t it?

  • The date matters in China

In China, picking the date is an important wedding ritual as this sets the stage for everything that will follow. Picking the perfect date is a guarantee that the wedding will be successful. If you pick the wrong date, nothing can help the couple from getting separated. While picking a wedding date, the couples always consult a Chinese monk, fortune teller or Chinese calendar to make sure that the wedding day falls on an auspicious day. It is important to know about the dates to avoid or seasons to stay away from. It is largely determined by the bride’s birthday. It is believed that the right wedding date brings good luck and helps in the success of the marriage.

  • Red is lucky for a Vietnamese bride

If you go to Vietnam to attend a wedding and witness the bride wearing a red dress, do not be alarmed! Vietnamese people consider the red color to be a sign of good luck. That is why it is the perfect color for attire, décor as well as flowers in most Vietnamese wedding. The groom’s family will even travel to the bride’s home carrying wine, fruits, cake all wrapped in red wrapping paper and placed on red platters.

  • Rainy wedding day is lucky in India

Indian weddings are always considered being joyful, colorful and lucky. In India, if it is raining on your wedding it is considered as a little bit of luck being poured on them. According to Hindu tradition, rain is considered being the blessings of Gods. It is also considered that the darker the henna on the bride’s hands, the more luck she will have. Rain or sunny, guests give their blessing to the couple by throwing fragrant rose petals and other flowers on the newlyweds.

  • Grab your horseshoes in Ireland

When it comes to wedding luck, Irish people leave no stone unturned. It is important to incorporate a small horseshoe into the ceremony for good luck. You may find it pinned to her wedding dress or in the bouquet that she will be holding. Make sure that the “U” shape is always faced upwards, that way it keeps all the luck in.

  • Be prepared to have a red mark after getting married in Egypt

Egypt is the birthplace of marriages but thankfully one of its traditions is not followed around the globe. In Egypt, it is considered lucky if the bride is pinched by every single female wedding guest who is attending the ceremony.

  • Spider is lucky in England

If you suffer from arachnophobia, you have to choose between a bad married life or the single life. Good luck is measured by spiders. If you find a spider crawling on the bride’s wedding dress, the couple’s wedding life will be lucky. Make sure that you leave the pranksters away from your wedding.

  • Ribbons are the secrets of Mexican brides

It is no secret that Mexican weddings are deeply religious and brides always wear white in order to ensure that good luck is bestowed upon the union. However, it is unknown to some that Mexican brides sew three ribbons into their lingerie for good luck and wear them secretly on their wedding day. The ribbons which are red, blue and yellow represent passion, financial stability, and abundance of sustenance. No one is allowed to see the ribbons until the bride shows them to her groom when they are alone after the ceremony.

  • Thai couples are literally bound together

Even though, there is no “I solemnly swear” in Thai weddings, luck still manages to find its way to their wedding. Good luck is ensured through many ways starting with fixing the wedding date. It all starts with a lucky day and time of the wedding as per the astrologers. On the same day, the couples are blessed by monks provided that the couple makes donations. After the ceremony, the guests tie sai sin on the couple’s wrist which is meant to stay for 3 days. If they remove it, it will only bring them years of bad luck.

  • Sweets for the Italian bride

The night before the wedding ceremony, the Italian bride wears a green dress and does not see the groom until the next morning. She has to spend these hours with her parents. You will gift a gift called confetti bomboniera if you ever attended an Italian wedding.

Regular exercise is the best medicine for a man to improve his sexuality. Hitting the gym is the key to success. Working out three times a week can make you more flexible to sexual positions and increase your endurance. So, what types of exercise should you practice for better sex?

Weight lifting

Strength training will increase your manhood. The reason is that weight lifting causes your body to respond to the effort. Your body produces more testosterone which gives you the power to lift harder. Testosterone is the precursor for your sex drive. Do push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and bars. These exercises will strengthen your chest, abs, thighs, and shoulders. Stronger body strength can increase stamina as your muscles are used during intercourse. You can rock the bed!



This is a simple exercise to help endurance and control ejaculation. Kegels let you stop the flow of urine mid-stream. This is a proven method known to work. This method was named after Los Angeles physician Arnold Kegel. They strengthen the muscles in your body’s pelvic floor, leading to better sex and stopping quick or premature ejaculation. How do you do that? Simply interrupt the flow of urine. After 3 seconds, release and let it go. Retain yourself immediately after 1 second. Repeat this until you are done. Caution: You might end up spilling all over because of the pressure when it will flow again. So, a better place would be in your bathtub, where you can wash away the spill offs. In other words, this is a kind of push up exercise. But this one is specific for the penis.

Walking fast and briskly

Walking quickly for two miles every day can significantly lower the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED). Brisk walking improves circulation and blood flow, and help with ED.

Running and aerobic exercises

Running fast and doing aerobic exercises, all contribute to the good health of your heart. In this way, your blood vessels stay clear. This result in stronger and longer erections. The pleasure is durable and intense. You last longer and your partner is more satisfied altogether. These vigorous exercises also release endorphins and relax you, which boosts sexual performance.

A study carried by Harvard researchers shows that aerobic exercises resulted in a 30% lower risk of ED.

Practice some yoga


Yoga exercise allows your body to get in creative positions for greatest pleasure during intercourse. Yoga draws your energy in and up. There is a better flow of oxygen in your bloodstream. The yoga poses that improve pelvic muscles are Peacock, Bow, and Shoulder Stand.


There is no need to stress with the above exercises. Practice for a few days or weeks or months. Depending on your body’s adaptability, you will notice the change.

Shoulder Stand

Stay away from viagra or others. You don’t need them. Be patient and witness as you get healthier and fitter along the way. Your mate will be impressed and you will be proud of it!

Biotin is part of the family of the B-vitamin. It helps your body convert food into energy. It is essential for the beauty of your hair, skin, and nails. It is also essential during pregnancy and breastfeeding. There is no official daily recommended intake for biotin. But it is recommended that adults take 30mcg, 5mcg for infants and 35mcg for breastfeeding women. During pregnancy, the level might be slightly higher. You can take biotin as a food supplement also, and any excess will not cause health issues as any excess of this water-soluble vitamin is excreted through urine. You get biotin from various source of food like meat and liver, egg yolk, avocado, nuts and seeds, dairy products, salmon, yeast, sweet potato, cauliflower and more.

You will want to take biotin if you lack the benefits related to beauty – hair, skin, and nails. But biotin deficiency is quite uncommon. So, let’s take a look at those benefits.

Biotin in the production of energy & essential fatty acids

Biotin plays a role in Gluconeogenesis which enables glucose production from sources other than amino acids. Glucose provides all the cells and organs in your body with energy. Biotin further assists in biological reactions essential for the production of Omega-3 fatty acids which store energy, insulate us and protect our organs.

Biotin for brittle nails

Some people have brittle nails that easily split or crack. This condition is estimated to affect about 20% of the world’s population. Biotin improves nail thickness and prevents splitting. Nails grow quicker and longer. This is good news for people who care for the beauty of their nails.

Biotin for beautiful hair

Biotin increases hair growth. You get healthier and stronger hair. There is little evidence to support this but there are some quite interesting and positive reviews from people who took a biotin supplement on this website. So, it seems that people with an actual biotin deficiency are getting significant benefit from supplementing.

Biotin for healthy skin

Biotin deficiency may cause red and scaly skin rashes. That deficiency can also cause a skin disorder called seborrheic dermatitis. But, there is no evidence that biotin has benefits for the skin of people who are not deficient. Biotin’s role in skin health for healthy people is still not well understood till date.

Biotin during pregnancy and breastfeeding

There is an increasing requirement of this vitamin during this important life stage of a woman. Some woman experience hair fall, brittle nails, and low energy levels. There is a mild deficiency during that period, but it isn’t severe enough to cause critical health state. Nevertheless, always consult your doctor if you suspect you need a biotin supplement.

I will end by saying that Biotin is available in most of the food that you eat. It should not be something to worry about unless you have a severe deficiency which is something quite rare. But for the beauty benefits mentioned above, you can always give it a go and see how it works for you.

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Let’s admit that not everyone has got a degree in home designing, however, most people enjoy decorating their own home according to their needs and specifications. Everyone got their own choices and likings. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes while doing so. Don’t worry, making mistakes is human nature as long as we learn from them.

The worst mistakes will be just finding things that you like only because you think they will fit in your space. You just buy and bring them home without proper planning. Home designing is fun as long as it is done with a plan. It is necessary that you take elements of design such as colors, scale, lighting, and placement into consideration else your home designing project might end up as a disaster.

Below are some common mistakes which people make while designing their homes. If you are working on a project right now, stop for a while and go through the list before you start your plan.

• Furniture

Many times people tend to buy furniture which is too big for their space. As a matter of fact, your space tends to look congested as big furniture takes a lot of space and do not give you much ease for movement. The next big mistake is filling your room with furniture. An overcrowded room can never feel free or spacious.

The best thing to do is to always go for the smaller furniture or calculate your space well before attacking the furniture.

• Small Rugs

Another common problem when it comes to designing is that people tend to go for smaller rugs. Rugs are meant to be a ground for a furniture group. You should always make sure that the legs of your chair should comfortably sit on your rug, that’s how you know that you got the perfect rug.

• High Wall Art

Many homeowners invest in high wall art which cost a fortune and ends up looking mismatch in their hallway or living room. Hanging art around the house is nice, however, you should always make sure that art is hung at the eye level. If your pieces are small, you can hang them even lower. When you hang your art above your furniture make sure that it is 8 inches above the top of it. It should look like they complement each other.

• Inadequate Lighting

A lack of proper lighting is going to make your space look dull. When you are planning your lighting, take your space into consideration. It should be according to your ambient, task and accent lighting. Make sure that your lighting layering is done according to the function, mood, and harmony. As these three things will play an important role. The function is mostly based on what you are going to do in that room, mood reveals the feeling attached to the room and harmony make sure that all the lighting are linked properly with each other.

• Avoid Mix and Match

Many homeowners have the tendency to quickly pick colors that match just because they lack in confidence of creating a masterpiece that reflects their personality and a coordinated look. As a result, the room pretty much looks ordinary and boring.

It is advised to just let your personality shine by mixing colors that you really like. Break the norms.

• Following Trends

Following trends are fine until you are following it wrongly. Not all the designs you see in magazines or tv shows are going to be perfect for your space. Trends keep changing and to be honest, it costs a lot as well. Make sure that your house furnishings reflect your personal preferences and they match your budget as well.

• Pick your Colors Wisely

Before picking your final colors, make sure that you consider all the elements in your space. It would be wise enough to test a color before finalizing it.

• Furniture against the Walls

It is natural to put your furniture against the wall as people have been doing it for years. But how about thinking out of the box? Some rooms might just inspire you to keep the furniture away from your walls. It would make your room more intimate, spacious and interesting.

• Too many colors and contrasts

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is using too many colors or contrasts while designing your space as it ends up looking very disoriented as people are not very comfortable in too many colors. Limit your colors and experiment on a few before settling for one. It can create dramatic and interesting outcomes.

• Boring Entryway

The first thing which is going to impress your guests is the entryway. The feeling that your guest has at your entryway will set a tone of what to expect about the rest of the house. Make sure that you choose a perfect light fixture and art to impress.

Do you want to be surprised by something that is just beyond any explanation? Do you want to question people’s ability to surprise you with something out of the ordinary? Well, hold onto your horses, because here are some amazing sculptures that will surely take your breath away, like literally! Be prepared!

  • Mustangs by Robert Glen, Texas, USA – This sculpture commemorates the wild mustangs that were historically important inhabitants of Texas. Portraying a group at 1.5 times of the life-size, the Mustangs are sculptured running through a watercourse, with fountains giving the effect of water splashed by the animals’ hooves. The sculpture dominates the space in terms of the scale of the surrounding. You surely don’t want to miss that!
  • People Of The River by Chong Fah Cheong, Singapore – A renowned Singaporean sculptor, this man is known for many public sculptures in Singapore. He works in different styles, ranging from abstract to figurative. This sculpture of People Of The River is considered one of his best works. Don’t miss that when in Singapore!
  • Expansion by Paige Bradley, New York USA – Representing a woman meditating in lotus position with her body cracking to reveal an inner light. This unique sculpture communicates the perfect message to look beyond your body and social structures in order to discover oneself. Sculpted by Paige Bradley, she is known for her philosophical extensions and her works are always remarkable. The Expansion is a piece of sculpture that can be interpreted in different ways. So give it a thought and look when in New York!
  • Black Ghost, Klaipeda, Lithuania – Known as the Juodasis Vaiduoklis, this sculpture of 7.8 feet in height casts an eerie vibe, especially at night. Sculpted by Svajunas Jurkus and Sergejus Plotnikovas, this mysterious figure holds a lantern in one hand as his sinister fingers grip the dock. This sculpture is partly dedicated to the mysterious ghost that saved Klaipeda from an impending famine. The Black Ghost warned them that their stock would soon run low and disappeared, making the Black Ghost a friendly spirit. It is a must visit when in Lithuania.
  • Les Voyageurs by Bruno Catalano, Marseilles France – The beautifully imperfect bronze sculpture describes realistic human workers with large parts of their bodies missing. Bruno Catalano, the sculptor, presented the ten life-sized sculpture at the port of Marseilles.
  • The Monument Of An Anonymous Passerby in Wroclaw, Poland – Walking down the streets of Wroclaw in Poland, you might encounter theses mystical looking statues of people coming out of the ground. Dedicated to the memoirs of the anticommunist activity in 1981 where people fell under the ground in the time of martial law. The monument was unveiled on the 24th anniversary of the martial law during the night of 12 to 13 December 2006.
  • Guardians of Time, Stonehenge UK – Sculpted by the Austrian Manfred Kielnhofer. This contemporary art sculpture relates to the idea that since the beginning of time mankind has had protectors, both for historic and mystical reasons. Manfred showcased the natural human desire for security in these sculptures. It is true that his works captivate its audience.
  • The giant of Monterosso, La Spezia, Italy Located near the beach of Fegina, the Giant of Monterosso is built by the Italian sculptor Arrigo Minerbi and the architect Francesco Levacher. The impressive sculpture is 14 meters high and stands on the promontory as a decoration of the luxurious Villa Pastine. The sculpture has been damaged during World War 2 and also by the heavy seas. Yet it still is one of the most beautiful and amazing sculptures.
  • Nelson Mandela, South Africa – 56 miles south of Durban, just outside Howick, the Face of Freedom sculpture was unveiled on 5th of August 2012. A work by Marco Cianfanelli, this sculpture is made from 50 steel charcoal columns whereby the head of Mandela is created when viewed from a certain angle. This sculpture is seriously one of South Africa’s most prized sculptures.
  • The Caring Hands, Glarus Switzerland – Grossly underestimated, this work by Eva Oertli and Beaht Huber is small yet stunningly beautiful. This sculpture sends the message of environmental responsibility and care. Mostly ignored by people, this sculpture is located in one of the only two towns in Switzerland where direct democracy is practiced.
  • Monumental Mihai Eminescu, Romania One of Romania’s famous and romantic poet, Mihai Eminescu’s sculpture is the world’s most creative statues and sculptures. As a tribute to this great poet, Romanian currency has his picture.
  • De Vaartkapoen, Brussels, Belgium – A humorous state of a policeman being tripped by a man hiding in the sewer manhole is one of the most iconic sculptures you can witness in Belgium. Erected in 1985, De Vaartkapoen literally means channel rascal. Its origins are from the workers in the docks who long ago rose in strong protests against the government.

So which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!

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