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You can scroll by sliding in any direction or zoom by pinching. In the Android app, swiping downward from the top of the screen will reveal a control bar that’ll let you switch into a trackpad mode — in which you can left-click by tapping with a single finger or right-click by tapping with two — and switch to a keyboard mode to pull up your device’s on-screen keyboard and enter text. In iOS, click the menu button in the lower-right corner of the screen to access the same options.

It isn’t the most elegant way to get around a computer — and you probably wouldn’t want to use it for any sort of intensive work — but it can be handy for quick-hit tasks like restarting your system from afar or grabbing a file you forgot to save to the cloud. If seeing someone else’s screen is what you’re after, the process for setting up Chrome Remote Desktop is slightly different.

And since you presumably won’t be physically present at the host computer, you’ll need to provide these instructions to the person who will be there and able to complete this part of the setup. On the computer you want to be accessed remotely, start by going to the “Support” section of Google’s Remote Desktop web app.

Click the circular blue arrow within the box labeled “Get Support,” then click “Add to Chrome” in the box that appears and confirm you want to install the Chrome Remote Desktop companion extension.

If you don’t see the blue arrow, the extension is already installed — and you’re one step ahead. Give yourself a pat on the back and keep going. Go back to your original tab, and you’ll find a prompt instructing you to click a “Generate Code” button in order to give someone else access.

When you do that, the site will create a one-time access code that’ll remain valid for only five minutes. Share that code with the person to whom you want to give access — on the phone, in an email or text message, or whatever works best — and then sit back and wait for their connection to begin. Once you have the access code and are ready to connect, simply go to remotedesktop. Enter the access code in the “Give Support” box and then click the “Connect” button to begin. If you want to connect from a mobile device, you’ll need to open a new tab within Chrome on your phone, check the box in the browser’s main menu to request the desktop version of a site, and then navigate to that same link from there.

The Chrome Remote Desktop mobile app works only with connections that are associated with your own Google account, so you won’t be able to use it in this context. The person on the other end will have to manually click a button to approve the connection and macOS users may also have to grant permissions in System Preferences , and then you’ll be connected to their computer and able to click around and control it in the same manner described in the first part of this guide.

Google still has its original version of the Chrome Remote Desktop app published and available in the Chrome Web Store, by the way, but that version is now officially deprecated and no longer being actively supported or maintained.

So if you had that on your system from previous use, now’s the time to uninstall it and move to this newer setup instead.

This story was originally published in October and most recently updated in May Contributing Editor JR Raphael serves up tasty morsels about the human side of technology. The Chrome web community can grant other people admittance into their system through a secure method; this can be advantageous for people getting help from remote support agents. To completely regulate specified computers, users need to finish the installation process. To begin the procedure, sign into a Google account on the Chrome Remote Desktop official website.

Upon downloading and installing the platform, the framework will prompt people to ” Choose a name ” for their computer; decide on a name that is memorable and reflective of the purpose of the equipment. Within the next page, add a PIN access code that is at least six digits.

Click Start to complete the installation. The welcome page will include a rectangle in the center with the labeled device encased inside. A status will be displayed beneath the name: Online or Offline. To the right of the section, there is an edit and delete button.

Click on the title and enter the PIN to gain remote access to the machine. The main menu options are within the blue panel to the right.

At the top of the column is the option to ” Disconnect ” the service. Beneath are modes that modify the appearance: Full-screen , Scale to fit , and Resize to fit. People are able to select and deselect these features. Under the “Full-screen” option is the notice that some keyboard shortcuts can only be accessed while within this status.

To keep the entire desktop visible on the portable device, mark “Scale to fit. Following the viewing modes are the keyboard controls. Consider that the remote device is being controlled by another computer; if keys are being pushed in an attempt to control the alien equipment, then the physically-accessible machine will be affected by the button-pressing.

To accommodate typing commands, the developers included buttons to click on with the mouse or trackpad. The section beneath the typing functions is Displays , which includes a dropdown menu to allow people to pick the number of screens to display: all, one, two, etc.

Within the left blue pillar is the File Transfer section. Imagine being away from the host device and needing a crucial document from the directory.

Use Chrome Remote Desktop to enter into the machine from a different location to share the data. The remote connections ” Upload file ” and ” Download file ” can be completed with little lag detected. Navigate to the bottom of the panel to ” Stats for nerds ” to determine the bandwidth and bitrate graphs. Click the Next button. Open the Chrome Remote Desktop page in Chrome. Confirm your remote access PIN.

Click the right-arrow button. After you complete the steps, the remote desktop session will start to continue working from home on another location.



Access another computer with Chrome Remote Desktop – Computer – Google Chrome Help


Report misleading. Chrome Remote Desktop is a seamless remote desktop app. The app requires high-speed internet access at a good rate so download it, and set your Gmail sign as your IP address. Взято отсюда choosing a name for the computer, we need a password we can use from another part of the world, which means we need to enter it via another remote site.

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Chrome Remote Desktop. Download Chrome Remotte Desktop. Features: No matter resktop desktop rwmote you are using – Chrome remote desktop for windows 10, Windows, Mac – Chrome Remote Desktop is completely platform-aware. Free of charge! Chrome remote desktop for windows 10 chromeBook is also supported.

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Access another computer with Chrome Remote Desktop – Computer – Google Chrome Help.

Chrome Remote Desktop from Google is a free tool that lets you connect to another computer remotely or allow someone remote to connect to yours. When attempting to help someone with a computer problem, it can be a lifesaver. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a live connection is worth a million pictures. On your computer, open Chrome. In the address bar at the top, enter , and press Enter. Click Access to select which computer you want. Enter the PIN required to. Chrome Remote Desktop is a seamless remote desktop app. The app requires high-speed internet access at a good rate so download it, and set your Gmail sign as your IP In choosing a name for the computer, we need a password we can use from another part of the world, which means we need to enter it via another remote site.