The Type of House That Best Suits You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign!

The Type of House That Best Suits You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign!

As a kid, we all used to read the small astrology section in the newspapers every day, believing it to be an accurate summary of how our day would turn out. When we grew up, we started referring to various Astrology apps and websites that give us updates about our near future.

Astrology, however, is much more than daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes for your individual sun sign. It is a tool that has been left behind for us to use and uncover the way that our soul truly communicates to us.

If you thought that was deep, it gets even deeper!

Astrology is the ancient language of the planet and stars. Our ancestors relied heavily on this ancient science and treated it just as such rather than taking the “taboo” approach that had been developed the past few hundred years. By taking a moment to look up at the cosmos, we can learn a lot about ourselves on an individual level and about the world around us on a macro level.

Astrology usually bases its predictions on our past lives’ karma, which results in certain situations in this life and determines, for example, the type of parents or sibling you will have, the type of occupation you will pursue or the type of person you will fall in love with. If you can use your zodiac sign to guide you in love, career and life, why can’t you use it to choose the type of house you should live in?

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

AriesEveryone knows that Aries is the ambitious frontrunner of the zodiac!

They are natural-born leaders and want nothing more than respect from their peers. They work very hard, have lots of energy and are always looking for new projects. They don’t like taking orders and so they prefer to work by themselves. They are not lazy and will not tolerate lazy people surrounding them. They try very hard to get what they want and always push ahead with confidence, though they can also be hard-headed, self-absorbed and quick to judge.

Aries is also very daring and care a lot about their dreams, which makes the urban setting the perfect place for them to settle. For instance, a luxurious apartment building in a major hub like New York City or London would be an ideal home for them. Bustling streets would match their personalities and they would love living in a big city where they could attend political events.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

TaurusTaurus is a misunderstood star sign. Many people think of Taureans as laidback, lazy and extremely stubborn –sure, they can come off like this sometimes – but these behaviors are actually driven by a more analytic nature that they are credited with. They like to ponder deeply on all matters and they like to deconstruct situations in order to understand how things work.

Taureans usually prioritize their comfort and pleasure over pretty much everything and they love art and music as well as big mountains, large green meadows and the ocean.

They are attracted to gorgeous and natural aesthetics and would love to live in places that give a quintessential homey look and feel. This is why I think a farmhouse, a rural mansion or a Victorian house would be suitable for them.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

GeminiThey have multi-personalities –all present in one body – and they have the ability to read people like an open book. They are all about actions and implementation and do not like sitting around whining about how the world is too tough. They are usually perfectionists who care a lot about their reputation.

They are also romantic beings who have a burning desire for freedom and there are times when they need their own space. So, a split-level would be perfect for them as they would have lots of spaces where they can have fun or sit alone and reflect.