Find the Perfect Watch for Your Boyfriend

“I love you at ten in the morning, eleven in the morning and twelve in the morning” (Jaime Sabines). Clocks are made to count the minutes until two people who love each other get back together. They are counting the hours until they celebrate the wedding and start a new life together. Just as each element of the wedding, such as the bride’s bouquet or the pledge, has important symbolic value, the groom’s engagement watch has a very special meaning. Find the model that matches your fiancé’s personality and surprise him with a gift that will last a lifetime.

The Tradition of the Engagement Watch

Traditionally, after the engagement ring is given, the groom receives a watch that will be given on the wedding day. Some women have reversed the custom and propose to their partner with a watch. The idea is that every time the groom sees his doll, he will remember the love of his life with it.

According to the beliefs of distant cultures, the watch symbolizes that the groom’s partner thinks about him all the time and is a way to share every second, even if he is far away. The engagement watch should be chosen with care, as the goal is for it to last a lifetime. In addition, it is one of the most important complements to the look of the future husband.

What is the Perfect Watch for Your Boyfriend?

The materials and colors of each watch can have special meanings for each couple. For example, the colors of the dial or band may match the colors of the stone in your white gold engagement ring or wedding bands.

You may also want to look for a watch that has specific features for your boyfriend, that is practical for his activities or that he can wear on the most formal occasions. If you’re looking for a totally personal watch, identify what he likes and find the model that will appeal to him most.

For Specific Boyfriends

For your boyfriend, there is no such thing as impossible, he always finds a way to achieve his goals. He’s observant and curious: his favorite part of the preparations will be figuring out how many wedding favors you need at the reception. A watch is more than a nice accessory for him, as precision is his trademark.

Your boyfriend’s style is surely based on details. Therefore, his accessories, in addition to matching his clothes, should say something about his personality and have a very personal meaning.

Choose models that show how the watch works or display its accuracy. Details such as measurements in millimeters, gears or different buttons for each part of the watch will help to appreciate the aesthetics of the gift and the importance of your accessory. Digital watches are also a good option, especially if you’re a fan of tech gadgets and smartwatches.

If your boyfriend has chosen a fancy suit, he’ll want to seal it with an interesting and perhaps slightly intriguing piece. Choose a metallic pattern with contrasting tones on the cover. To counteract these striking effects, make sure the stretch is monochromatic. If you have a penchant for the latest technological innovations or minimalist accessories, a highly accurate watch will be your go-to. Look for a large dial to make the details of the watch stand out more.

For Creative Boyfriends

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Inspiration: that’s the key word for your boyfriend and the perfect watch for him. Idealistic and enthusiastic, he’s a man who always sees the bright side. His optimism allows him to see the world from many angles, although this can be distracting and sometimes cause him to procrastinate for hours looking for images of wedding invitations and other wedding details.

Your boyfriend’s style may seem casual, but he always has a unique creative touch. Plus, his most common inspirations are art or nature, so color is very important in his look.

Pamper him with a watch that will keep him focused whenever he’s worried about the passage of time. Choose a watch with colorful accents: make the most of the contrast between the dial and the band. Shiny, textured materials on the band, such as polished leather or quality metals, will be very popular.

If your boyfriend has chosen a creative outfit, his accessories should project his personality, without losing distinction. He likes playful accessories, so opt for a piece that gives him a sense of authenticity: a little sparkle in the numbering or a design that includes drawings or artistic effects on the face or bracelet will make all the difference.

There are models with lines reminiscent of Art Deco, while others have subtle touches of impressionistic watercolors. Analog clocks will be the best option, and you can take advantage of basic designs (no alarm and few buttons) to reinforce the importance of aesthetic details.

For Classic Boyfriends

Pragmatic and trustworthy, your boyfriend has classic and unexpected tastes in romance. Your boyfriend likes to spend time with his loved ones and always finds moments to share with others. He may seem demanding at times and he is surely very punctual, so a watch will not only be his favorite accessory: it is an indispensable instrument.

Your boyfriend usually wears classic outfits and, therefore, cherishes timeless accessories. Dark, neutral colors are the most common in his wardrobe, although he’s not too fond of understated luxury touches. Secretly, he’s probably prepping for the ceremony, looking for little loving thoughts to surprise you during the vow exchange.

If your boyfriend’s accessories are as classic as his outfit, this is your chance to give him a stellar addition. Choose a traditional watch with a slight modern or sophisticated touch: an analog model with a touch of color will be the best option. Numbering is very important: look for a clear division, as functional as possible.

Make sure the colors are neutral and versatile, so that it matches your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Opt for classic materials, like matte leather or silver metal. Minimalist watches with clean faces and subtle contrasts will be the most appropriate choice. Let the size fit the design: a large watch can be more functional, but a small one can be more comfortable if it has a practical and simple face.

For Exploratory Boyfriends

Your boyfriend is always looking for new things – exploration is his passion. He’s full of energy and a man of action, so practicality and technology go hand in hand with his ideas (yes, like Ironman … but better not to tell him). A modern watch is not only perfect for his outfit, it’s his dream!

Sophisticated and functional, his watch should not only have a spectacular design, but also withstand all his adventures: even fetching the cutlery will be an odyssey for him, but don’t worry: it will arrive in advance!

It’s all in the details: big buttons, a numbering system reminiscent of a car dashboard and a hard strap seal will be the components of the perfect watch. A minimalist digital clock may be the best option, but if you opt for an analog clock, think big! Look for models with different dials measuring millimeters or with intricate and highly detailed numbering.

If your boyfriend has chosen a stylish but modern outfit or dazzling metallic accessories, he’ll need a watch to match. Be meticulous and precisely combine the materials of your accessories, which will surely be especially tough for your boyfriend’s energy: reinforced leather or even materials like platinum and synthetic fibers will be good options. Make sure that the cover is large so that it is easy to read and the effect is that of a striking and impressive piece. You can also opt for a smaller watch, if you’re looking for a more practical piece that will fit into your boyfriend’s daily routine.

Frame the exact moment you say “I do” with this very special gift. Just like the engagement ring, the groom’s watch can be engraved with the date of his wedding or a phrase of love for your boyfriend. Have one in mind? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.